Full Day Sete Cidades & Lagoa do Fogo




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Transport + Portuguese or English Speaking Guide + Picnic for Lunch

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Explore the western and central part of São Miguel Island on this full day adventure. The heart of São Miguel island is an unforgettable tour. Departure from Ponta Delgada heading to the north coast of the island in order to visit the city of Ribeira Grande, on the way we will make a short stop in the parish of Ribeira seca, to visit the Renaissance fountain that witnesses past times. Arriving at Ribeira Grande city centre, we will perceive the baroque architecture of the 17th and 18th century buildings, of which we will visit the most important ones, on a short walk. A short stop to appreciate the beautiful volcanic sand beaches is also one of the highlights of this tour. On the mountain road we drive to the interior of the island and visit the thermal area of Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande, which is surrounded by vegetation. The drive continues to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Portugal - the Lagoa do Fogo, one of the mandatory stops. A picnic lunch will be served. The tour continues to one of the biggest tourist attractions of São Miguel: The Sete Cidades! The panoramic views that characterize this tour offer you countless opportunities to take fantastic pictures. Come and enjoy a king's view of the entire lagoon, pass along its shores, on a tour that still shows you the narrowest part of the island from a completely different angle. Visit the plantations of one of the Azores' favourite fruits, the pineapple! Enjoy every moment of this tour and explore the Azores like no one else does!

Ponta Delgada - Fountain of Ribeira Seca - City of Ribeira Grande - Beach - Boilers of Ribeira Grande - Viewpoint of the Lagoon of Fogo - Picnic for Lunch - Viewpoint of Vista do Rei - Viewpoints of the Lagoon of Santiago & Bay of Silencio - Seven Towns: Lagoons and Towns - Pineapple Plantations - Ponta Delgada